Family Peer Support Advocates

Welcome to the Parent Advisor Training and Support Page!  Parent Advisors build relationships with all of the family support services within their region and provide a forum for networking with one another. We mentor, train and support the Family Peer Advocates and family support programs.

This page is for you, the FPA, to access our trainings, webinars, and PA talks while helping you connect with the broader FPA community. In our ongoing effort to help you strengthen your skills for the crucial work that you do, we offer events for listening, supporting, and training Family Peer Advocates. We are dedicated to helping Family Peer Advocates in New York State, Empower Families!

Together we can do so much! Here’s how…

Parent Advisors will be offering Statewide and Regional Webinars and Parent Advisor Talks (PA Talks)

Be on the lookout for email invitations to online events.

Visit this page often for updates, registration, and other resources.


View the Human Trafficking PowerPoint from the Webinar: Part 1 & Part 2

It’s OK to Not Be OK
Facilitated by Cathy Cave Founding Partner of Inspired Vision, LLC

Recognizing the challenges currently faced by New York’s families and advocates, this webinar offers an opportunity to reflect on the stress and distress, explore the impacts on us as we work, and consider resources to sustain our empathy and well-being.

Back to School Webinar Series: Building Bridges (Part 3)
Monday, August 24th: Building Bridges

Many communications take place between families and schools and it can be complicated to sort that all out, especially when there are disagreements or uncertainties. We’ll give you strategies and tools to help you reflect, share, and build bridges between yourself and your school.

Presented by NRCIL, Starbridge and Families Together in New York State

Back to School Webinar Series: Documenting Educational Gains or Regression During COVID-19 (Part 1)

NRCIL, Starbridge and Families Together in New York State

Presented by Jennifer Sibley

Parent Training and Information Coordinator

Family Peer Advocate

Back to School Webinar Series: School Anxiety and Avoidance (Part 2)

 Anxiety is natural part of childhood. When anxiety gets in the way of a child’s learning – whether it’s online or in person – let’s talk about supports and services that may be available. We’ll talk about strategies and resources and resources you can use in your home or with your child’s school team.

Presented by NRCIL, Starbridge and Families Together in New York State