2020 FTNYS Digital Advocacy Center
Stay home. Stay Healthy. Take action.


Use emails, social media and phone calls to fight for access to children’s behavioral health, alternatives to school suspensions, youth justice reform and family-based foster care.

Please be considerate when making calls. With the COVID-19 outbreak, legislative offices have a lot on their plate and are doing everything they can. The budget process is evolving at a moment’s notice. Be sure to thank them for for their support and urge them to continue advancing our issues in light of recent developments. Be sure to wish them good health. We’re all in this together. 

Campaign for Healthy Minds, Healthy Kids. 

Call: CFTSS Call Script. 
Email: https://www.healthymindshealthykids.org/take-action
Tweet and Post on FB:
More than 50% of NY children with behavioral health conditions don’t get the treatment they need. @AndreaSCousins, please don’t cut children’s mental health services. Restore rates for Children and Family Treatment and Support Services in the budget.  #HealthyMindsHealthyKids

NY families need your help, [INSERT HANDLE HERE OF YOUR LEGISLATOR]! Reverse cuts to Children and Family Treatment and Support Services in the State budget so children across NY can access the life-saving behavioral health care they need and deserve.#HealthyMindsHealthyKids

.[INSERT HANDLE HERE OF YOUR LEGISLATOR], did you know suicide is the second leading cause of death for children 15-19? NY families can’t afford cuts to behavioral health services. Restore rates for CFTSS in the State budget!

Children Need Amazing Parents- New York

To ensure our issues continue to be a priority for legislators and on the radar of the Governor, we are passing along a sample email to your representatives and social media content for you to share on your platforms.

Raise the Age-NY  #AchievingYouthJustice

We urge the Governor to work with the courts and all criminal justice partners, including community-based service providers, to release as many young people from confinement as possible.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reached NY and it’s spreading across the country. In this crisis, we MUST work to guarantee the safety of vulnerable, justice-involved youth. Read our statement and take action: bit.ly/RTACovid