Tiara Springer-Love, Director of Youth Power

Pronoun: She/Her
Email: TSpringerLove@ftnys.org

Tiara is an ambitious leader, mental health advocate, and a community organizer who is dedicated to ensuring the voices of youth and young adults within underserved communities are not only heard, but recognized and used as a driving force for change within all child serving systems. Driven by her own lived experience with the foster care and mental health systems, her goal is to advocate for access to quality care for those within marginalized and oppressed communities. Tiara takes pride in her ability to provide skill development and create spaces where all youth and young adults can be empowered to take charge of their own lives. In addition to her primary job functions as the Director of Youth Power at FTNYS, Tiara is also an alumni of CUNY Hunter College’s Silberman School of Social Work where she obtained her Master of Social Work degree. As a part of the FTNYS team, Tiara hopes to bring excitement, passion, and joy.

Amanda Davidson, Communications Coordinator

Pronoun: She/Her
Email: ADavidson@ftnys.org
Cell Phone: 518-949-0368

Amanda is a driven young individual who plans on making the world a better place for young people step by step. Her experience in mental health, child welfare and substance abuse has allowed her to grow the skill to recognize the ability for change. Amanda works statewide to persistently amplify youth voice in state systems that involve suicide prevention, school mental health education, child welfare, kinship/foster care and many others. She has shared her personal story and experiences in front of the whole NYS Board of Education including Commissioner MaryEllen Elia to influence the mental health education curriculum law passed in July of 2018, the 2018 Suicide Prevention Conference sharing her own personal experience with suicide and what helped or harmed her during that time, the 2018 System of Care Summit explaining her transition from child serving systems to the adult serving systems, and MANY other conferences, meetings, councils and committees. She is deeply passionate about the mental health education law and ensuring students have the best supports and resources when it comes to learning such an important topic! With her story told throughout different outlets, she hopes young people with similar experiences can find power in sharing their own story because Amanda knows our stories matter!

Alex Carpenter, Western Regional Youth Partner

Pronoun: He/Him
Email: ACarpenter@ftnys.org

Alex started facing mental health issues at a young age that carried on into young adulthood. Without the right support, his unaddressed mental health led him down a troubled path. In his journey, he overcame addiction and involvement in the criminal justice system. After struggling with services, he found recovery in peer led groups and started informally mentoring others in these groups. Alex received an opportunity to be a youth peer advocate, and soon after got involved with Youth Power. Alex is the newest Regional Youth Partner and is motivated to help everyone as much as he can. Alex tries his best to live a life of recovery now and is a father to a beautiful little girl. His passions in advocacy lie in the criminal justice, drug addiction, and mental health services fields.

Charles Anthony Rice, Hudson River Regional Youth Partner

Pronoun: He/Him
Email: CARice@ftnys.org

Dedicated husband and father of five, Charles has always had a heart for youth and working alongside organizations that help bring support and resources to underprivileged and underserved communities. With more than 10 years of experience, Charles has focused his time, attention, and skills on working with youth who have been labeled and/or considered at risk. Through his own lived experience with juvenile justice, mental health, and personal struggles with alcohol & substance abuse as a young adult, Charles has overcome significant hardship. Since beginning his own journey of holistic recovery in 2013 and knowing firsthand the positive impact that a mentor can make, he desires to be a bridge in ensuring all youth are given this same opportunity. He strives to lead by example in his home and in his community. As the Hudson Regional Youth Partner at FTNYS, Charles strives to bring honesty, openness, and transparency as a means of creating hope for a brighter future for youth and young adults in the Hudson Region and beyond.

Robbie Lettieri, Youth Peer Services Training and Credentialing Manager

Pronoun: He/Him
Phone: 631.245.5289

Robbie Lettieri is a national public speaker and advocate who is passionate about spreading love and kindness into a world he feels desperately needs it. Growing up in both the health care and mental health system, Robbie is dedicated to advocating for others who have endured similar hardships. Being a part of multiple boards and committees on state and local levels, he consistently strives to advocate for the larger voice. With years of experience coordinating and facilitating trainings and events, offering individual and group support, and advocating on a system, peer, and individual level, he looks forward to his future with FTNYS as the Long Island Regional Youth Partner.

Zack Kilmer, Public Policy & AMPLIFY-NY Coordinator

Pronoun: He/Him
Email: ZKilmer@ftnys.org
Phone: 518-708-3808

Zack Kilmer is an autistic LGBTQ+ young adult who has had a passion for activism and civics since he was a child. Raised by a single mother and brought up in special education programs, Zack knows the struggles young people face and wants to change the system to better suit their needs. He is excited and honored to be working with YOUTH POWER! to achieve that goal. Before joining Youth Power, Zack graduated from SUNY Brockport with a bachelor’s degree in English & Political Science. Shortly after, he worked on the New York 19th District 2016 Congressional Election in support of Zephyr Teachout. He then used the skills learned in that race to run his own campaign for Town Council in his hometown of East Greenbush.

Mariama Toe-Freeland, NYC Regional Youth Partner

Pronouns: She/Her
Email: MToefreeland@ftnys.org

Mariama Toe-Freeland has been connected in advocacy for over 10 years. She was introduced to advocacy through attending Youth Power events. Returning home she shortly became a YP board member under the leadership of Stephanie Orlando, where she used her love for creativity to serve on the special events work group. Mariama planned Youth Power local and statewide events. Mariama has attended many rallies, speak outs, conferences to amplify youth voices and help change policies to better support youth and young adults. Mariama has pursued her degree in Human service and a minor in Political Science at Monroe College and Buffalo State. Mariama has always had a passion to fulfill the YP mission in NYC and state wide. She is looking forward to reconnecting with leaders and to support youth who need support in amplifying their voice.