Paige Pierce, Chief Executive Officer

Paige Pierce has been with Families Together in New York State since 1999.  As CEO, she works in shaping policy and implementing systems change at the state and national level and serves as a liaison between families and policy makers.  


Recognized as a leader throughout New York State in the children’s mental health and family peer support movement, Ms. Pierce has been successful in developing and sustaining relationships with policymakers and non-profit organization leaders and serves on several committees and coalitions, forging alliances with a wide range of stakeholders. 


A strong advocate for children and families, Ms. Pierce leads Families Together in New York State in addressing health care reform, mental health, juvenile justice, special education, child welfare, and many other issues facing children and families.  


Ms. Pierce earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Skidmore College. She is the mother of four children and has personal experience advocating and navigating multiple systems to meet her child’s needs. 

Daphnne Brown, Deputy Director

Daphnne provides support and technical assistance to families, service providers, advocates and Families Together Chapters in the areas of family support, systems advocacy and parent empowerment. She works closely with the regional Families Together Chapters, and is the Family Engagement Consultant for System of Care and Project Director for the Statewide Family Network. Daphnne is the parent of five children; two of her children are classified and are being served by the local school district with IEPs. Daphnne has experience with different child serving systems and received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from SUNY at Brockport.

Email Address:     Phone: 585.489.8282 

Nancy Craig, Director of Community and Systems Engagement and Parent Advisor Liaison
Nancy worked with Families Together  as a Western Region Parent Advisor for 17 years and now is the Director of Statewide Training. Nancy started as an advocate for her four children as they entered the mental health system.  Nancy’s passion continues to be in empowering and strengthening parent’s lives. Nancy continues to work closely with Family Peer Support Programs and Family Peer Advocates in delivering the FANS (family needs & strengths) outcome measure for FamilyPeer Support Services to use to quantify the excellent work and partnership of Family PeerAdvocates and parents during their journey. Nancy participates on advisory boards and committees, and presents at local, regional and national conferences on Family Peer Support Services outcomes.

Email Address:  Phone:716.432.6238

Yvette Mc Intosh Sauer, Director of Finance
Email Address:  Phone: 518.432.0333 ext. 13
Brad Hansen, Public Policy Director

As Public Policy Director, Brad is responsible for tracking New York State budget and legislative activities regarding children and mental health. He works closely with the Chief Executive Officer, Public Policy Committee and chapter leaders to help influence the legislature and state agencies in the interest of families. He represents Families Together’s public policy efforts and is a member of policy committees and coalitions including the Raise the Age NY Campaign and CHAMPS-NY. Brad graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy.

Email Address: Phone:518.432.0333 ext.28

Frances Prince, Finance Assistant
Email Address:  Phone:518.432.0333 ext. 16
Joanna Ahlatis, Assistant Director of Credentialing, Workforce Development Department

Email Address:  Phone:518.432.0333 ext. 18

Cameron Macdonald, Communications Coordinator
As Communications Coordinator, Cameron coordinates Families Together communications projects and events, including the Annual Conference, website, publications, social marketing,  Chapter projects, creating marketing material and exhibiting statewide. Cameron works closely with the Public Policy Coordinator and the Director of Family Involvement and Outreach to share information with families and networks and market Family Peer Support Services. Cameron is a graduate of Hudson Valley Community College and is a support for his sibling with social and emotional challenges.

Email Address:  Phone:518.432.0333 ext. 24

Ruth Rivera, Administrative Assistant  Phone: 518.432.0333 ext. 10

Laurie Rivera, Program Manager for the Community and Systems Engagement Team and Board Liaison
Laurie has been employed with Families Together for over 15 years. In her current position, Laurie manages the Community and Systems Engagement Team, the Information and Referral Line, co-coordinates the Legislative Awareness Day,  Family Peer Support projects as well as supports the Board of Directors as the staff liaison. She brings a wealth of both lived and professional  experience to Families Together and she hopes that every struggling parent has a support person to lean on and empower them to be their own best advocate for their child.  Laurie is the mother of four children.

Email:   Phone: 518.432.0333 ext. 17