Voices of Youth Advisors

VOYA (Voices of Youth Advisors) is the youth advisory council to Rensselaer County. As a part of VOYA you become a part of the Youth Power network, the New York State network of young people who have been labeled and who are seeking change. VOYA is driven with bringing the perspective of young people who receive cross-system services in Rensselaer County. This council provides a much needed mechanism for youth to have input into the services that are provided and ensures that services and supports in the community are meeting the needs of young people. Through VOYA, young people are able to not only improve their community but also build their personal advocacy and leadership abilities.

Our Mission is to:

• Facilitate positive change in Rensselaer County.
• Be informed on what challenges youth are facing so we can accurately represent them.
• Stay youth run, youth driven, and youth guided.
• Be a voice for youth that don’t have one.
• Help youth get involved in community activities.
• Be a role model for youth in any system.
• Be an example that youth can survive.
• Work cooperatively with adult partners in the county.
• Always make youth aware of their voice.
• Engage youth and give them a platform to speak up and speak out.
• Provide peer support to all youth who ask for it.

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