Become a Member
As a member, you stand with hundreds of young people across the state in saying that you believe in what we are doing and want to strengthen the numbers behind our mission. Becoming a member means you get all the latest information about things that are important to young people and give as much of your time to us as you want or can. Youth Power is a safe space for those looking to organize advocacy, to speak out and amplify their voices for change. Stand proud as part of a movement working to change systems and pave the way for the next generation of youth by becoming a member today.
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Benefits of Membership

• You decide how involved you are but all members get the latest news, updates, and information on upcoming opportunities.
• Opportunity to join YP’s councils, become a YP Ambassador, and other youth leadership and advocacy activities.
• Networking and support for Youth Peer Advocates.
• Training, networking, and support to youth, youth groups, and organizations.
• Receive our newsletter and be a part of our events.
• Safe space to organize and amplify your voice for systems, services, and community change.
• Active members can build their skills, resume, and be more likely to receive scholarships to events!

Who Can Be a Member?

Who Can Be a Member?

• Young people ages 12-29 with a disability, emotional & behavioral challenges, or experience in New York State systems such as Special Education, Juvenile Justice, Foster Care, or Addiction Recovery. In short, if you are a young person who feels you have been labeled, then you can be a member of YP.
• Young people who live in the State of New York.
• Members who turn 30 are able to remain involved in the network as a Peer Ally/Alumni.

Questions? Contact us via:
Phone: 518-432-0333
Toll Free: 1-888-326-8644