New York faces huge funding shortages
due to COVID-19.
Without federal relief or new revenue,
some state funding streams could be cut by 20%.

This includes crucial children’s services like
behavioral health care.

We need family voices to explain why
NY needs investment, not cuts. 

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Already, the state is withholding payments that could become permanent cuts. This doesn’t have to happen – elected officials need to hear directly from those most affected before they make their choice.
Families Together conducted interviews via Zoom with parents and young people who want to speak out about the negative impacts that the ongoing withholds and looming 20% cuts to state-funded services will have on New York families and communities. Participants were a part of a series of videos that will be shared with public officials to rally support for behavioral health services.
Your voice will help shape state funding for needed support services. It is important for elected officials to hear from the families they represent before cuts are made.
New York State Budget Cuts Individual Interviews
Diana & Marc-Anthony Mendez
Christina Hauptman
Jill Mullings
Casey Hayner
Kim Kaiser