Children’s Technical Assistance Center (CTAC)

Children’s Technical Assistance Center (CTAC)

The Children’s Technical Assistance Center (CTAC) is a training, consultation, and educational resource center available to all child-serving clinics in New York State. CTAC will help your clinic address the challenges associated with the recent changes in clinic regulations, financing, and overall healthcare reforms.

CTAC will provide training and support on quality improvement strategies for your clinic — including training on specific clinical skills and evidence-based practices. Importantly, CTAC will help your clinic develop strong business and financial models to ensure sustainability.

CTAC training and technical assistance materials and tools are practical, user-friendly, accessible, and employ effective approaches reflecting the context of day-to-day clinic realities. Each training component accounts for today’s financial and regulatory environment to insure that clinics can adapt to the rapidly changing behavioral health landscape.

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CTAC Partners

ENGAGE Initiatives

Families Together of NYS is a primary partner in the ENGAGE initiatives managed by the NYS Council on Children and Families. ENGAGE – NYS Commissioners working across systems together with youth and families! – is a branding that encompasses the following four initiatives:

1) The Children’s Plan Initiative;
2) The Commissioners’ Committee on Cross-Systems Services for Children and Youth Initiative;
3) The Coordinated Children’s Services Initiative (CCSI); and
4) The Systems of Care Initiative

The ENGAGE e-Newsletter is a mechanism that keeps individuals informed and up-to-date on the progress of these initiatives.
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NYS Success: Connecting Systems of Care with Children and Families

New York State has a long history of integrating and implementing SOC at the local level dating back to the 1990’s. NYS Success aims to expand System of Care to all counties across the state above New York City and Long Island by creating a statewide structure and network of communities and state agencies working together to create sustainable, beneficial change to coordinate supports.

In 2012, SAMHSA awarded Upstate New York with a four year, four million dollar grant to support broad‐scale operation, expansion and integration of systems of care through the creation of sustainable infrastructure. This will allow for the provision of and access to required services and supports that include the values, principles, and practices comprising the system of care approach to become the primary way in which children’s services are delivered in all counties throughout New York State. Additional funding has also been provided by the New York State Office of Mental Health to support these efforts. What originated as the Upstate New York System of Care Expansion Project has now given way to the creation of a permanent cross‐county system, known as NYS Success: Connecting Systems of Care with Children and Families. Read More

New York Peer Network for Recovery and Resiliency

The New York Peer Network for Recovery and Resiliency (NYPNRR) is a collaboration between adult mental health peers, peers in recovery from addiction, and families of youth with social, emotional, and behavioral health challenges. We believe lived experience is an important part of supporting recovery, building resilient families, and improving systems. The three partners are Families Together in New York State, the Mental Health Empowerment Project, and Medication-Assisted Recovery Services Project with support from the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Human Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Our mission is to create and sustain collaborative infrastructure between the three statewide networks with two goals in mind:
(1) strengthen the voices of mental health peers, family members and youth, and individuals in addiction recovery at the state and local level; and
(2) increase access to and quality of behavioral health systems, services, treatment, and recovery supports so that they are empowering, self-directed, resiliency-oriented, culturally and linguistically appropriate, and promote an enhanced life in the community for those with behavioral health concerns.

In order to achieve these goals, we must first assess the needs of our respective communities. Please complete this survey and share with others whom you believe should be involved with this project. Click here to access the survey. Contact Brad Hansen at or call 518.432.0333 x28 for more information.