2021 Long Island Children’s & Youth Behavioral Health Symposium

Tuesday, October 12th, 2021 – Long Island
8:30 AM – 3:00 PM

Moving Forward in Children & Youth Behavioral Health

“26 Years of Hope and Empowerment”

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About the Children’s & Youth Behavioral Health Symposium

Join children and families across Long Island for a collection of workshops and presentations to empower families & youth involved with behavioral health and cross system challenges. This is a hybrid-event that will offer both in-person and virtual attendance.


Executive Director, LICADD

Mr. Chassman will speak today on “Emotional Regulation and Finding Balance”. People are emotional creatures. As challenges mount in the world around us, it becomes more and more important to have good and healthy strategies to identify our emotions, understand our emotions, and regulate their intensity and our response to them. This dynamic and interactive training addresses key components of emotion regulation skills building, including practicable mindfulness skills for emotion identification and distress tolerance and coping strategies for reducing intense emotional states especially during the times of COVID 19 & Delta Variant.

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This years workshops are inclusive of,
but are not limited to:

  • Youth Power
  • LGBTIA+ Awareness
  • Cultural Competency
  • Substance use
  • Human Trafficking
  • Spanish Workshop
  • School Avoidance
  • Vaping
  • Suicide Prevention
  • and much more!

Melville Marriott
1350 Old Walk Whitman Rd
Melville, New York 11747

Online attendance: $45
In-person attendance: $65

Families of children receiving services are FREE!
Breakfast & lunch included for all in-person attendees

Make Check Payable to:
Family and Children’s Association

Please mail the check to:
Families Together in New York State
737 Madison Ave, Albany, NY 12208

For questions of concerns please call (518) 432-0333 ext. 10

COVID-19 Information

Participants must provide documentation of a COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2, Coronavirus) vaccination in order to attend.

Masks are required for in-person attendance.

To view the descriptions of each workshop, click the toggles below

Opening & Keynote | 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM

Steve Chassman, LCSW, CASAC, Executive Director, LICADD

Morning Workshops | 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM

Human Trafficking: Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

Ms. Keryn Lemp, EAC Network Child Advocacy

This all-encompassing presentation enables the audience to:  

  • become familiar with the Safe Harbor Act
  • understand the impact trafficking has on its survivors 
  • gain confidence in their abilities to ultimately help these survivors 
  • focuses on helping community members and professionals learn how to conduct a basic assessment for the sex trafficking of minors 

Regaining a sense of Self Love after Trauma  

Caitlin Obrien, Long Island Regional Youth Partner, Youth Power of Families Together in NYS

Engaging young leaders and supporting organizations is key when implementing youth guided practices. Through sharing her own story and utilizing feedback from young people across the state, Caitlin aims to enlighten those tasked with creating better outcomes and establish creative ways of engaging those they serve. With aspects of cultural competency and an understanding of youth culture, we can better address the needs and support young people! By thinking outside the box, we will discuss the power of Peer Support for engagement and meaningful connections. 

Building Resiliency to Trauma 

Dr. Max Banilivy

Resilience is an essential and necessary part of emotional and physical health and the need for resilience training has never been greater. In this workshop participants not only learn basic principles of resiliency, but explore many ways that being resilient helps with challenges faced and reducing the negative impact of traumatic events and stress. We will also discuss factors that contribute to stress resilience and how early development in becoming more resilient can influence and affect coping skills later in life. Resilience training models and positive psychology will be explored with a view toward primary prevention. 

Promoting Self-Determination Skills for Students with Disabilities

Donna Spotton, MS Ed, CRC, Transition Specialist; Kristin Burke, Transition Specialist; Kenneth A Anderson, Transition Specialist;
Long Island Regional Partnership Center
Center for Community Inclusion
Long Island University

The development of self-determination skills, including self-advocacy skills, is critical for students with disabilities to be successful in life after high school.  This workshop will provide an overview of self-determination as well as how to promote the development of these skills at school, at home and in the community. The importance of self-determination skills to support a successful transition to adult living, learning, and earning will also be discussed.

It’s A Brave New Non-binary World

Patricia Hillenbrand, FPA, Sagamore Mobile Integration Team, Pete Hillenbrand, CPA-Parent

Panel: Maryann Barraco, FPA, Parent to Parent, Family Service League; Denise Delio, FPA, SCO, Madonna Heights RTF; Danielle Skelly, FPA, Adoptive and Foster Family Coalition;  Andrea Marinelli, FPA, Adoptive and Foster Family Coalition & Andrea Schwalm Stolz, Executive Director, Long Island Families Together

This training focuses on how to use the harm reduction model to engage active substance users in the therapeutic process in order to reduce risk related behaviors pertaining to both individual and public health. The training addresses overdose prevention, engagement strategies, the use of cognitive behavioral treatment modalities to increase awareness and consequential thinking, information surrounding substance use and sexually transmitted infections to promote safer sex practices, substance use and driving education, as well as information addressing barriers to substance use treatment.


Afternoon Workshops | 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM

Harm Reduction/Risk Reduction Counseling Techniques

Steve Chassman, LCSW, CASAC, Executive Director, LICADD 

This training focuses on how to use the harm reduction model to engage active substance users in the therapeutic process in order to reduce risk related behaviors pertaining to both individual and public health.  

The training addresses; overdose prevention, barriers to substance use treatment, the use of CBT modalities to increase awareness and consequential thinking, information surrounding STI’s to promote safer sex practices, AND MORE! 

Vaping 101-102  

John T Martin, Supervising Public Health Educator, S.C. Department of Health Services, Office of Health Education

Welcome beginners & advanced professionals! This workshop is specifically designed so that participants will walk away with a skill-set that can be immediately put to use from the vaping epidemic. This epidemic has created an immediate resource crisis for parents, schools, agency workers, administrators, counselors and support staff. All pertinent facts and fictions related to Electronic Nicotine Delivery Devices including up-to-date information on the changes in NYS vaping regulations, and the what-we-know-to-date on the pulmonary illnesses will be addressed.

The therapeutic aspects of school avoidance & PINS Diversion program 

Carol Assenza, LCSW-R, SCPC, MIT SupervisorEileen Buckley, Esq., Long Island Advocacy Center (LIAC)

She engages young leaders and supports organizations in the implementation of youth guided practices. Through sharing his story and utilizing feedback from young people across the state, he aims to enlighten those tasked with creating better outcomes and establish creative ways of engaging those they serve. With aspects of cultural competency and an understanding of youth culture, we can better address the needs and support young people. We will think outside the box and discuss the Power of Peer Support as a tool to build engagement and meaningful connections.

Active Shooter for Parents -Skills and Awareness

Andrew Fiorello, Police Officer, Homeland Security and Suffolk County Police Dept.

Police Officer Andrew Fiorello will be presenting on Active Shooter/Basic Survival Strategies. Officer Andrews will give a fact-based presentation on active shooter and speak about tips, tools, and strategies that can be implemented 

Adapting to the Worlds Changes

Oscar Pardo 

How millions of people are facing the changes brought about by the pandemic and social distancing.
Como millones de personas se enfrentan a los cambios provocados por la pandemia y el distanciamiento social.


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