Keynote Speaker


(Long Island Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc.)

Mr. Chassman will speak today on “Emotional Regulation and Finding Balance”. People are emotional creatures. As challenges mount in the world around us, it becomes more and more important to have good and healthy strategies to identify our emotions, understand our emotions, and regulate their intensity and our response to them. This dynamic and interactive training addresses key components of emotion regulation skills building, including practicable mindfulness skills for emotion identification and distress tolerance and coping strategies for reducing intense emotional states especially during the times of COVID 19 & Delta Variant. Mr. Chassman has served as a clinician and health care advocate for individuals and families with mental health and substance use issues. He completed his master of social work at the University of Pennsylvania in 1995. Mr. Chassman began his career as a health care advocate while receiving his undergraduate degree in sociology from New York University in 1992.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Mr. Chassman is well versed in treatment modalities for mental health conditions and substance related disorders. Mr. Chassman is skilled as an individual therapist and facilitator of therapeutic and psycho-educational groups for clients and families.