Parent Empowerment Program (PEP)

What is Parent Empowerment Program (PEP) Training?

The Parent Empowerment Program (PEP) is a training and consultation program specifically for Family Peer Advocates (FPAs).  PEP training introduces new FPAs to their role and to the skills they will need to effectively engage and empower parents.

Since 2005, PEP Training has been offered as a 5-day, in-person training.  As of 2018, this well-regarded training has been updated and will now include on-line modules, a 2-day in-person training and a series of coaching phone calls.

See below for more information on how you can participate in the new online PEP Training.

Who Should Participate In PEP Training?

FPAs have lived-experience as the parent (biological, foster, adoptive) or primary caregiver of a child/young person with significant social, emotional, developmental, medical, substance use and/or behavioral needs.

FPAs provide a service called Family Peer Support. They work directly with parents to help them navigate the service system and empower them to have a voice and play an active role in all aspects of the services their children receive.

Is PEP a Requirement for the Family Peer Advocate Credential?

Successful completion of the PEP Training is required for anyone seeking a Family Peer Advocate Credential in New York State.

  • Level 1 PEP Training is fulfills the training requirement for the Provisional FPA Credential.
  • Level 2 PEP Training fulfills the training requirement for the Professional FPA Credential.

For more information on the Family Peer Advocate Credential email us at

If you took the Traditional PEP Training (5 day in-person) and are interested in applying for a Family Peer Advocate Credential, email us at

How Do I Access the Online PEP Training?

When you click the link below you will be redirected to the Self-Learning Center hosted by our partners from the Community Technical Assistance Center of New York (CTAC). This is where you will access the online training modules. Click here for a ‘Getting Started’ guide.

After you register with the Self-Learning Center, you will be asked to choose a training ‘pathway’.

Please read the descriptions below to help you choose the training pathway that applies to you. If you have questions, please contact us at


Family Peer Advocate Credential Pathway
PEP Level 1 Online Modules

Choose this pathway if:

  • You are a parent or primary caregiver with ‘lived experience’ navigating one or more child-serving systems for your child with social, emotional, behavioral, developmental, or complex health care needs; and,
  • You have never taken and completed ‘traditional’ PEP Training (5-day in-person training).

This pathway is right for you if you already have a job as a FPA or if you might be interested in becoming a FPA in the future.


Family Peer Advocate Credential
Continuing Education Pathway

Choose this pathway if….

  • You hold a valid Family Peer Advocate Credential issued by Families Together in New York State (FTNYS); and,
  • You want to complete selected PEP training modules for continuing education credit.

If you are not sure whether you hold a valid FPA Credential, please contact FTNYS at


Family Peer Advocate Credential Pathway
PEP Level 2  Online Modules

Coming soon!

Family Peer Advocate Credential Pathway
PEP Level 2  In-Person Training Registration

Coming soon!

For more information on Family Peer Advocate Training and Credentialing, please contact:

Susan Burger, Director of Workforce Development

Joanna Ahlatis, Program Coordinator
518.432.0333 ext. 18

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